1. Cleftcel

    [SuicideFuel] (gymcels) you'll never have a gf to massage your sore muscles

    My traps are really tight and I wish I had some lovely sweet gf who'd love to work out the kinks. Would be fun to work out together too
  2. Cleftcel

    [Serious] If you got a gf would you tell her you were a virgin?

    I'm inclined to say I wouldn't but maybe if I trusted a foid I'd tell her, keeping up the lie of not being a virgin would be difficult
  3. Cleftcel

    A glimmer of hope

    Anyone else in spite of their inceldom and desperation still hold out hope of one day finding an imperfect but sweet gf who will accept and love you? I do tbh, I don't when and I don't know how. This inceldom can't fuckin last can it?