1. Redpill Robert

    [RageFuel] END VIRGIN SHAMING!!!

    "Don't slut-shame me you virgin neckbeard!" Invariably, this is the response that roasties always have. I don't see how it makes any sense in their minds, but that's what I get for expecting logic from a woman, right? The reason why virgin-shaming is so harmful though, is that a male virgin is...
  2. FACEandLMS

    Feminist Guide To Marriage For Women From 1911: The Seeds Were Already Sewn To Instill Hatred of Men

    - [email protected]'t marry. Literally, that advice is now true for men. - "men are unmanly brutes...AND NEED TAMING". Trust women to contradict themselves midsentence. - back then men were getting compared to dogs, so I guess we shouldn't be surprised in 2018 when women fuck their dogs. - just lol...
  3. FACEandLMS

    The Irish Times: Underage girls cannot be prosecuted for having sex but boys can (CuckTears-Unscreenshottable Thread)

    WE NEED FEMINISM. "WOMEN'S INTERNATIONAL DAY" "EVERYDAY IS MEN'S DAY" meanwhile IRL At every turn, men's sexuality is unwanted. "Do you want more T? Nope. Toxic Penishavingdom and masculinity. Do you want to go on Estrogen and embrace translife? Here you go, you empowered...
  4. Redpill Robert

    [Blackpill] Feminism is such a fucking joke

    How does anyone even take this shit seriously? "You go girl! Supporting feminism while still seeking a high status and conventionally attractive man! SMASHING the patriarchy and societal expectations!"