1. Cleftcel

    [Serious] Who do you love/care about the most?

    Gun to your head you have to say someone. I think its my mum tbh. In the unlikely event of finding a gf, it would become her. I'd imagine it almost hurting the love being so intense.
  2. P

    Does Mommy or Daddy make you your meals?

    My Mother works at a school and since it is summer now she has a lot of time on her hands. Over the summer I will come home from work and around 50% of the time she will prepare me dinner. During the school year she never cooks though. My Father used to make breakfast for us every Sunday...
  3. AutistLinuxCel

    [Story] Mom's trying to Godpill me.

    I was getting ready to leave the house to run some errands when my little brother (11 years old) is telling me "You're gonna look nice for all the pretty ladies out there" to which I responded with "Those "pretty ladies" won't give me the time of day". My mother heard that and responded in the...
  4. P

    Any Cum Stories?

    So this happened about 40 minutes ago. My Aunt calls my Mom and I was with my Mom at the time but my Aunt didn't know that. My Mom puts her on speakerphone because she is folding laundry. My Aunt starts going off and yelling at how her son ruined her day this morning. She is a single mother with...
  5. Cleftcel

    [Serious] Do you want kids?

    I do and the unlikelihood of it happening adds to the general despair of inceldom. A human being needs to experience relationships, parenthood to live a full, healthy and happy life
  6. Cleftcel

    Does your family know?

    Do you think your parents/siblings can perceive your inceldom? What do you think they think of it?