1. ropecel

    [LDAR] Eating your own cum?

    I just did today and yesterday. Anyone else do this?
  2. mylifeistrash

    /r/transpassing, sub full of delusional beta cuck white guys who couldn't handle life, so they tried to become women

    but now they look like insane fucking monsters in make-up and gyno that they try and pass for tits. https://www.reddit.com/r/transpassing/top/?sort=top&t=year
  3. VST

    I fucking hate the fact that we have to share this forum with so many fucking fakecels.

    IF YOU GOT LAID WITHOUT MONEY EXCHANGING HANDS/GOING TO ASIA YOU ARE A FILTHY FUCKING FAKECEL. Fuck me, anyone else get annoyed by this fucking plague of non-virgins just sticking their fucking nose everywhere? First /r9k/, then r/incels, now this. Fuck is wizchan truly the only fucking place...