1. T

    [LifeFuel] HOLY FUCK it's officially possible to elongate palpebral fissures with osteotomy

    http://jawsurgeryforums.com/index.php?topic=6167.0 So I contacted the Don himself, Dr. Sinn, enquiring whether a palpebral fissure osteotomy could be performed to elongate the palpebral fissures by cutting the lateral orbital rim and moving it laterally with the lateral canthus attached. He...
  2. Kurdish_Incel

    [Serious] Would hitting your bones make them stronger?

    When gymcelling you destroy your muscles so they grow stronger. Is the same possible for bone? I thought about putting 10kg of iron on my brow bone so it'll give pressure on it, your body would reinforce that area with extra bone right? If this would work I could just hit the bones on my face...
  3. L Lawliet

    [LifeFuel] Face Exercises

    I think this is better than doing nothing.If you found good videos about face exercises pls share here. =))) -EYE LIFT EXERCISE- -TIGHTEN CHIN & JAWLINE- -NOSE-
  4. Cleftcel

    [Serious] Thoughts on make-up on men

    Will it ever be acceptable? would it make any difference? foids can transform from a plain Jane to an gigaStacey with the right make-up. I really wonder what an amazing make-artist could do with some of incel scum