1. lonelyistheworld

    [SuicideFuel] It's impossible not to be depressed.

    All I do is browse the internet all day.
  2. Cleftcel

    [Serious] 5HTP

    For all my fellow depressioncels, I highly recommend this product its available on ebay, amazon etc but you might also find in your local health food store. I think it increases your serotonin. On this I cant even get to certain lows its not even possible Anyone else try it?
  3. BlackPilledKira

    [Serious] How do you deal with depression?

    The physical symptoms like extreme lack of sleep, constant fatigue and brain fog are seriously messing my life up. I can't even enjoy my copes anymore due to this fucking illness, makes me regret ever taking the Black Pill. JFL at life. Depression seems like it exists as a self destruct...