1. lonelyistheworld

    [LifeFuel] It's okay to cry as a man

    In the eyes of normalfags men are not allowed to cry. Because in their eyes men are disposable garbage and must be strong at all times to defend the "women and children" who are considered more valuable for some retarded reason. As a man It's okay to cry. You are human after all.
  2. Run27Run

    [SuicideFuel] Was invited to a party tonight, now I want to die.

    I was invited out to a summer 'party' this evening / tonight at a friend's house tonight where a lot of mutual friends and also new people were going to be. Cool I thought maybe I can drink and loosen up a little and try to talk to someone. This party was at his huge lakefront house and he also...
  3. F

    [Blackpill] I seriously can't wait to die. I am not exactly suicidal though. Does anyone feel the same?

    I am not really suicidal, I just look forward to a time when I'm not here and don't have to try at life or suffer it anymore. It's not just about inceldom. Living a life of poverty, working all day every day, living conditions, relationships with other people, being low-status, having had a...
  4. lonelyistheworld

    [SuicideFuel] It's impossible not to be depressed.

    All I do is browse the internet all day.
  5. Cleftcel

    [Serious] 5HTP

    For all my fellow depressioncels, I highly recommend this product its available on ebay, amazon etc but you might also find in your local health food store. I think it increases your serotonin. On this I cant even get to certain lows its not even possible Anyone else try it?
  6. BlackPilledKira

    [Serious] How do you deal with depression?

    The physical symptoms like extreme lack of sleep, constant fatigue and brain fog are seriously messing my life up. I can't even enjoy my copes anymore due to this fucking illness, makes me regret ever taking the Black Pill. JFL at life. Depression seems like it exists as a self destruct...