1. iblamemyself

    [RageFuel] "Father of 9 Divorces Wife After Finding Out He Had Been Sterile for Most of His Life"

    Warning: Potent ER fuel. Been lurking on r/mgtow again (yeah I know) and found this gem. Fucking unbelievable. A husband in Morocco has nine kids with his wife, at least he thought so, but "after undergoing a routine health checkup, the man allegedly learned that he had been sterile for most of...
  2. iblamemyself

    [JFL] Insect deathmatch. Warning: Graphic and gross

    Was in my suggestions. Never watched anything related. This video has over 3 million views. Is this what kids like these days? Insects being trapped so that they will battle each other? Can it get worse?
  3. ropecel

    [LDAR] Eating your own cum?

    I just did today and yesterday. Anyone else do this?
  4. S

    [Venting] Stripping in class or nude dating shows: degeneracy is everywhere and it's celebrated

    Today I saw three ragefueling things: the first were two clips of femoid sluts doing what they do naturally in class. One was stripping and showing off her tits, supposedly in a 'modern art class' (with stripping music and all). The second was a femoid slut asking her teacher a question while...