1. lonelyistheworld

    [LifeFuel] cucktear infiltrators are retards

    They're so obvious. No avatar and generic incel username. Something like "trueincel8257". They can't even larp for more than 20 posts before they get triggered and spout some worthless normie platitude that gets them banned.
  2. Incelibate anarchist

    [Venting] The NY rapecel was a falseflag.

    Just like we suspected, It was an inceltears poster setting up a false flag. They didn't mention that the user joined 22mins before making that thread. They also failed to show how every single user called them out as bait. Ffs, you'd think that they would be able to find enough edgy post's by...
  3. Incelibate anarchist

    [Venting] IT user's spreading lie's and propaganda.

    Lmao, these bluepilled loser's are so ignorant.First off, Incel's do not deny that female's can achieve orgasm, so of course female's enjoy sex. That's why most of them cheat. Second, woman who "enjoy's having sex and is not ashamed of it" are slut's, that's why men think less of them, they have...
  4. FACEandLMS

    [NSFW] A Pic To Trigger CuckTears and Send Them Into A Cognitive-Dissonance Coma

    "They're just children" >> With better tits than most washed-up, plain-jane, CuckTears roasties. Also, they can't screenshot this thread cuz of it's sexy-to-many-men content.
  5. VST

    [Serious] Why haven't we raided inceltears yet?

    Those faggots raided us all the fucking time on r/incels, so why don't we start raiding their shitty fucking sub? Why don't we start posting and upvoting blackpilled comments on their posts and downvoting all blue pilled comments and all threads? Fucking hell guys, we spend most of our free...