1. Murdoch89

    what is your personality disorder

    personally I think im schizoid
  2. Robo Sapien

    [JFL] What exactly did this guy say wrong?

    I know it's braincels, but I honestly don't understand how what this guy said was barf-worthy or morally reprehensible. Are men truly this cucked in our society that they can't see the painfully obvious truth? Women are shitty people, period. They aren't good people and can't be trusted to make...
  3. Facade

    [Serious] Recommend me anime shows

    My summer holidays are coming and i want to watch some good shows so please recommend me some I want to see real recommendations. :feelsokman:
  4. chudur-budur

    [Hypocrisy] The difference between homepage: chudur-budur vs. Mr. David Futrelle

    Mr. David Futrelle, a vanguard blogger of today's MRA movement, the torch bearer of justice and strong opponent of Trumpism (WTF the actual fuck Trumpism anyway?). This very experienced and (((prolific))) writer writes "About" himself on his blog -- "I've been writing on topics ranging from...
  5. Redpill Robert

    [JFL] Cuckface, the nu-male smile, the soylent grin

    Ignoring that this dude is an obvious alt-right TRP coping beta-male himself, still hilarious. You all know EXACTLY what I'm referring to after seeing this vid. Seriously though, what IS with that stupid ironic self-aware open mouth thing that lower tier hipster cucks do in pics and what not?
  6. M

    [Experiment] Do you have online female friends?

    I had one but she recently closed snap Now I Is all alone
  7. TheCrock

    [Serious] Would you be in a relationship as a cuck?

    So you marry a Stacy who's never gonna leave you. She lets you have sex with her that she doesn't enjoy every day except on sunday. When sunday rolls around Tyrone pays you a visit and fucks her for an hour, and you have to sit and watch her moan, enjoying Tyrone's BBC plunging into her. You...
  8. Redpill Robert

    [RageFuel] Louis C.K. is a fucking cuck who is getting what he deserved

    Like most people in the entertainment industry, he's nothing but a craven, opportunistic sociopath that panders to the lowest common denominator (cucks, feminists, and leftists in general) even though he clearly doesn't actually believe any of the bullshit that he spews. I mean apparently, fat...