1. iblamemyself

    [RageFuel] "Father of 9 Divorces Wife After Finding Out He Had Been Sterile for Most of His Life"

    Warning: Potent ER fuel. Been lurking on r/mgtow again (yeah I know) and found this gem. Fucking unbelievable. A husband in Morocco has nine kids with his wife, at least he thought so, but "after undergoing a routine health checkup, the man allegedly learned that he had been sterile for most of...
  2. narcissist

    [RageFuel] This is what kids are seeing growing up...

    Sui fuel or ragefuel?
  3. Y

    My brain is fried

    i have an iq of 70-80 and my brain is shrinking from using this forum all day. My eyes are dry too. I have a low attention span I can't even finish a childrens book. I am losing my brainpower and feel its getting harder and harder to fight r/braincucks r/cucktears day after day, brothers.
  4. catfishman23

    [SuicideFuel] new catfish video of ugly girl: shut it down its over!!!!!

    even 2/10 females want chad, she even did everything to please him
  5. N

    So high inhib, I paid a whore $400 and didn't fuck her

    Was talking to the whore for two months, I'm that scared she is law enforcement, but she isn't. Last weekend. More like a therapy session. :feelsautistic: 1) Took her out to an expensive dinner and movie 2) A few PDAs 3) Went to bed with her in her shitty apt, was fooling around, kissing and...
  6. Sadness

    [Serious] I'm also considering buying used panties

    Just like the other guy, I'm thinking about doing this. My desire to smell a vagina could become reality if I did it. I'd just ask for proof and then have a new realistic masturbation tool that can relieve a lot of sexual tension. I know it's cucked and I know it's a cope, but I might have to do it.
  7. Ryo_Hazuki

    Which would you rather be?

  8. dawn

    Men are more evil than women

    Most of us hate women for their degenerate behaviour(fornication/adultery) . But in 99 percent of cases it is always the men who approaches the women , initiates the conversation with women and lead them towards committing degenerate acts (fornication/adultery) . Since it the men who initiates...
  9. QuantumDummy

    Just had a 50 min conversation with a girl...

    who works at a call center. We started talking about where each other lives, food, rude people, her ethnicity; she even mentioned she had a bf, and there was some innocent flirting. Sucks to know that if she saw me in person, there would be no conversation, and she'd look at me with total...
  10. M

    [Experiment] Do you have online female friends?

    I had one but she recently closed snap Now I Is all alone
  11. Angry_runt

    Why don't you hate Donald Trump?

    He was born a rich man's son, basically he's had his life gifted to him through luck of the draw, the same way we've been given a shit deal. He's a normie (at least) who's had sex with a lot of women at the expense of guys like us. We hate people like that. If he were on this forum and talking...
  12. TheCrock

    [Serious] Would you be in a relationship as a cuck?

    So you marry a Stacy who's never gonna leave you. She lets you have sex with her that she doesn't enjoy every day except on sunday. When sunday rolls around Tyrone pays you a visit and fucks her for an hour, and you have to sit and watch her moan, enjoying Tyrone's BBC plunging into her. You...
  13. NekoStance

    [Venting] Banned from Fakebook for 30 days again

    You really can't say ANYTHING 'racist' or even 'pro-white' on there without getting the banhammer. It used to be a week or few days, but now I get the month banhammer slammed down on me, like once every few months, and this is despite me watching what I say. I understand Zuckerberg is a Jew...