crazy foid

  1. Gaiamon

    [RageFuel] 18 yr old foid at my school is getting married

    My fat ugly foid ex-friend who recently cut ties with me is getting married to some mentally ill hippie fag . Now 7 months with her, they are engaged and now I lost my friendship by stating "high school relationships don't last". Before him I was her cuck, (no relationship) but her friend to...
  2. Incellectual

    [Story] You aren't allowed to pull over if you are a sub8 male

    Today I was driving and i pulled over in a neighborhood really quick to set up my GPS. Apparently this triggered some foid because she came over and started screaming at me to get the fuck out. I was super uncomfortable so I started laughing so she got even more pissed and was screaming about...