1. lonelyistheworld

    [Blackpill] not hating women is cope

    You like to believe that some women are alright and that someday a miracle will happen and you will be loved. COPE! ALL WOMEN ARE SOULLESS WHORES!!!!
  2. blickpall

    PSA: Editing in a tag into your post will NOT notify the person you are tagging.

    In other words, if you make a post, then decide that you want to tag someone in it, and decide to do so by going through the edit function, the tag will NOT notify the person you intended. This is especially important when people are using tags to notify moderators of something - we aren't...
  3. Jockcel

    [Serious] How does it make you feel?

    that your suffering will only last a few decades at most and then an eternity of either salvation or nothingness (both of which are WAY better than inceldom) await you?
  4. Enigmatic

    [Serious] The weirdest thing just happened just now

    I was in McDonalds and this older woman, about 30, walked up to me and stared at me dead in the eyes for a good 3-4 seconds and walked away. Is there hope for me? Could she have possibly be interested in me? Or did she just want my attention? This scared the living shit out of me BTW. It felt...
  5. Raiden


    FROM THE SAME STUDIO AS ATTACK ON TITAN/ SERAPH OF THE END/ ANCIENT MAGUS BRIDE It's called Vinland Saga, for those of you that do not know. It's about vikings and it's really similar to early berserk. It's not girly or any romance for those of you that...
  6. VST

    [Venting] Fapping is my only cope.

    As the title states fapping is my only cope, the only emotions I have these days are anger and depression. To stop the anger from coming out and doing something irrational I fap AT LEAST once a day, then again I cannot stop because I am addicted.
  7. Cleftcel

    [Serious] Any yogacels?

    In the past I've done it more earnestly (at home of course and not in room full of legging-clad Stacys) but now I just borrow a few of the asanas. Yoga is an all-encompassing system which deals with the physical, spiritual and also your lifestyle choices. I'd say it could be an incredible cope...
  8. Cleftcel

    A glimmer of hope

    Anyone else in spite of their inceldom and desperation still hold out hope of one day finding an imperfect but sweet gf who will accept and love you? I do tbh, I don't when and I don't know how. This inceldom can't fuckin last can it?
  9. VST

    TRP are fucking coping cucks.

    As title says TRP is full of fucking copers, just go on their shitty subreddit and you'll find that half the posts on there are fucking novels, they are fucking stretched out with no substance and most of them can be summed up in 2-3 sentences even though most of them are total bullshit anyways...