1. narcissist

    [Experiment] Would Chad switch faces with you for $10,000,000?

    If Chad got offered 10mil to switch faces with you what do you think his answer would be? 10mil is enough to buy a beautiful house, pay off debts, go on an amazing holiday etc etc. How much does he value his face?
  2. narcissist

    [LifeFuel] Chad male model rejected on dating show. [FUNNY/EXTREME LIFEFUEL]

    This male model enters the show expecting an easy lay but gets BRUTALLY rejected. He is shocked that a girl said no to him like it was his first time a girl said no to his face. I reckon he was on the verge of tears and if the cameras weren't rolling he would of gone ER or puched her face for...
  3. lonelyistheworld

    [Serious] LMAO!!! every single normie thinks they're chad

    To any normies reading this. Rate yourself out of ten. Now subtract 4 points because your self esteem is way too high. Your probably a 4/10 now. Your not a chad, not even close. No. Having a few girlfriends and occasionally having sex does not make you chad. A chad is at least an 8/10. I bet...
  4. narcissist

    [RageFuel] This is what kids are seeing growing up...

    Sui fuel or ragefuel?
  5. M

    [LifeFuel] ChadFishing will keep you sane

    I recommend you read @redditisforcucks_ guide on how to do it with snapchat Honestly, I spent a year as a virtual chad and even though it’s no where near the real thing, (duh), it is an amazing validation, especially the things these girls do for you. I remember when I was 16, I catFished as a...
  6. narcissist


    I just saw 3 tourists walking down the street today, the guy on the right a balding 5'6 ginger walking next to a bare minimum 6'2 Chad in the center with a gigastacy with her arms all up and around chads body on the left. The girl was probably a 9/10 same with the Chad. Do you think the 3/10...
  7. narcissist

    What science has revealed about fatcels.

    There could be Chad hiding in ANYONE of them. No one is safe.
  8. Cleftcel

    [Serious] What do Chads do online?

  9. M

    [SuicideFuel] If you graduate with less than 10 slay count

    It’s over. Chad EASILY has fucked ten girls by senior year, yet an incel is lucky to get a kiss on the cheek. MAYBE a normie will get lucky and fuck on Prom night, but only Chad racks up the numbers.
  10. Cleftcel

    Chad nation

    Is the percentage of Chads a constant or does it vary in different countries and generations?
  11. Redpill Robert

    [Blackpill] You cannot simply "become" Chad

    It's funny when ugly dudes think they can simply "become Chad" by working out, looksmaxing, "working on their personalities" or whatever else. The simple reality is that Chads are born, not made. Chad is a combination of male model and/or pretty boy looks, male model physique, and high NT...