1. ghostcell

    [JFL] went through some pictures of a party in my study city and JFL AT THIS PIC LOL SUBHUMAN MOGGED

    WTF IS THAT facial expression on the left, and LMFAO at that guys jawline on the right. JFL JFL JFL havent often seen a harder mog in a picture this picture is absolute BRUTAL suicide fuel. imagine being the guy on the left and getting tagged in that post
  2. narcissist


    I just saw 3 tourists walking down the street today, the guy on the right a balding 5'6 ginger walking next to a bare minimum 6'2 Chad in the center with a gigastacy with her arms all up and around chads body on the left. The girl was probably a 9/10 same with the Chad. Do you think the 3/10...