1. The Great Cel

    [JFL] Obese Blue Pilled Truecel

    This obese blue pilled truecel using the same over done just be confident, just dress well copes is just too much. Hell he even talks Kent halfway through the video JFL.
  2. QuantumDummy

    Just had a 50 min conversation with a girl...

    who works at a call center. We started talking about where each other lives, food, rude people, her ethnicity; she even mentioned she had a bf, and there was some innocent flirting. Sucks to know that if she saw me in person, there would be no conversation, and she'd look at me with total...
  3. Enigmatic

    [Serious] The weirdest thing just happened just now

    I was in McDonalds and this older woman, about 30, walked up to me and stared at me dead in the eyes for a good 3-4 seconds and walked away. Is there hope for me? Could she have possibly be interested in me? Or did she just want my attention? This scared the living shit out of me BTW. It felt...