1. VisVoi

    [Blackpill] Take The Mousepill

    Mice placed in perfect conditions where all of their needs are met. After an initial phase of prosperity, their society degenerates. All of the mice become more violent, however the female mice are especially violent towards the "excess males". Eventually mice appear that are obsessed with their...
  2. G

    [Blackpill] Black pill debunked

    These images here show a 1/10 ugly FAT manlet getting with an 8/10 stacy. This i feel debunks the black pill because if the black pill existed then this female would find him revolting. I don't understand you guys' deluded ways anymore gonna go out and find me a stacy with a virgin incel fetish...
  3. B

    [Serious] Blackpill is Wrong

    I am not BlackPilled because men and women bend to the chad of the group. People are evil, not just women. This idea, as well as BlackPill, in of itself is Sociopathic. From what I have seen being a "Sociopath" is not a bad thing because the only difference is that never learnt to sneaky. If you...
  4. S

    Anyone else not interested in participating in society?

    Idgaf about education (even though I’ve been to college for four years) or a job and I can’t stand being around normies. I have absolutely not an ounce of desire to be involved in society in whatever way. It’s not worth it as an incel.
  5. M

    [Experiment] Considering a new experiment

    Hey, I am a NEET with nothing better to do, so I have considered conducting a little experiment. In the form of a “vlog”, I will be filming myself doing all the typical cucktears/normie approaches and taking their advice. This includes things such as “being confident”, wearing designer clothes...
  6. Chris_Jones

    [Blackpill] Anyone here watch Nip/Tuck?

    Main characters are plastic surgeons. It is the only show I've seen that fully encompasses the blackpill. Every character is a hedonistic narcisssist. A must watch for incels. Dr. Christian troy is a PSL dark triad slayer -Square jaw, emerald green eyes, 6'2, wide frame, doesn't lift. -Seduces...
  7. Redpill Robert

    [Blackpill] You cannot simply "become" Chad

    It's funny when ugly dudes think they can simply "become Chad" by working out, looksmaxing, "working on their personalities" or whatever else. The simple reality is that Chads are born, not made. Chad is a combination of male model and/or pretty boy looks, male model physique, and high NT...
  8. VST

    Anyone else suddenly calm down when listening to blackpill rant vids?

    I'm talking about vids like eggmans legendary video () It's that you finally realise how over it really is so you stop worrying about everything in life, because let's be honest, securing a mate is the end goal in life for every male, and if you're unable to get that even if you try your best...
  9. Redpill Robert

    [Blackpill] Feminism is such a fucking joke

    How does anyone even take this shit seriously? "You go girl! Supporting feminism while still seeking a high status and conventionally attractive man! SMASHING the patriarchy and societal expectations!"