1. SergeantIncel

    Blackpill Archive

    Blackpill Archive NOTE: This is a replacement of the Blackpill Archive subforum, which was clunky and hard to update. The following is a list of outstanding threads and posts that discuss social and sexual behavior, collectively known as the Blackpill. To qualify, a thread/post must be...
  2. TemporaryBritcel

    [Blackpill] You can’t be incel if you’re gay

    About a week ago I broke my life cycle to go to the movies. Of course I went alone, and I wore a hoodie to cover most of my face, payed on a machine etc. And since the theatre was crowded (incredibles 2 has just came out in the uk), I figured people would be too interested in eachother or the...
  3. MSCW

    [Blackpill] She was only a little girl

    We were 12yo and we went to a a school trip for one week. There was that classmate. She is white and super beautiful. The IT girl, the Stacy of the class. She never did anything wrong, everything is perfect to her world. From the top to the bottom. Her face gave her the ultimate halo effect...

    [Blackpill] History repeats itself [HISTORYPILL]

    JFL if you think the incel problem is recent. It only exists is decadent societies. Let's go back 2000 years real quick to the Roman empire and see the situation. I.2.20 (Bar/Brothel of Innulus and Papilio); 3932: Weep, you girls. My penis has given you up. Now it penetrates men’s behinds...
  5. WithoutMe

    [Blackpill] Settling down doesn't mean what it used to

    I used to think of settling down as the dictionary definition: "When someone settles down, they start living a quiet life in one place, especially when they get married or buy a house." I now think of settling down in the modern sense: "A foid's decision to find some betabux provider and...
  6. Cleftcel


    Are you aware of this subreddit?(female incel page) they call men moids and male Roasties are 'wursties' kek. They also fall for the meme that we all want Stacey and we all handsome young men whose indolence and toxic personalities are why we're incels
  7. SergeantIncel

    The relationship between Bluepill, Redpill, and Blackpill.

    These are some thoughts I had written down for myself, but thought they may be interesting for the community. inb4 not reading cause too long 1. Why does the Bluepill exist? Decades ago interactions between humans were restricted to whoever they knew in real life; there was no internet, no...
  8. Robo Sapien


    JFL, there are no words for this. Claims she was bullied for being a woman. Becomes a man, is bullied, goes back to being a woman.
  9. chudur-budur

    [Hypocrisy] [/r/Braincels] OkCupid just deleted all their blackpill statistics posts.

    I don't like copying posts from /r/Braincels, but I think everyone should see this: They have deleted all their blackpill posts from Why? Because people are talking about those studies more and more and sub8s are losing interests on online dating more and more. Most probably their...
  10. F

    [It's Over] On my last year of high school.

    I am on my last year of high school, and the way things are looking, I am highly doubtful that I will ever get laid before the year ends. If i dont ever have sex or at least kiss a girl by the time the school year ends, and I leave to go to Navy bootcamp, It will truely be over for me, despite...
  11. Cerebral hypoxia

    [Blackpill] It's been over ever since agriculture was developed

    8000 years ago there was a marked change in genetic lineages. 17 women began to reproduce per one man. Before that, the rate of reproduction was nearly 1:1 Source: The reason for this is because agriculture allowed for accumulation of...
  12. SergeantIncel

    A quick Blackpill analysis

    A - Men rate women ¨fairly¨ (Most are average, with equal numbers of attractive and unnatractive). Women rate men disporpotionally (80% are considered unnattractive). [1] B - 80% of women compete for top 20% of men. 80% of men compete for bottom 20% of women. [2] C - Attractiveness is...
  13. AutistLinuxCel

    [Story] Mom's trying to Godpill me.

    I was getting ready to leave the house to run some errands when my little brother (11 years old) is telling me "You're gonna look nice for all the pretty ladies out there" to which I responded with "Those "pretty ladies" won't give me the time of day". My mother heard that and responded in the...
  14. narcissist

    [Blackpill] The biggest blackpill is that women shit.

    Yes women shit and it's DISGUSTING.
  15. _wifebeater_

    [Serious] Once Backpill, Always Blackpill?

    Do you think taking the Blackpill can be undone? I think it isn't possible. Even if tomorrow a 10/10 Femoid would be interested in me, i couldn't have a healthy relationship, because I'm way too blackpilled.
  16. I

    [Blackpill] Share your Blackpill Highschool/College/Uni stories

    >"a-are you on your phone again?" >"stop texting your girlfriend and get on with my work" *uproar of laughter from the entire class* why does this frequently fucking happen?, even the sub5 looking teachers pull this shit to embarass me
  17. Engineercel

    Tragedy of the sexual commons

    I haven't seen anyone else make this analogy so here's my blackpill supplement: Feminism and sexual liberation have turned private property (traditional patriarchal marriage and transfer of women like other property) into public property...
  18. P

    [Blackpill] Inceltears will deny this

    Just LOL if you still deny JBW
  19. I

    [LifeFuel] If You're Ever In Doubt of The Blackpill

    Here's a great link to satisfy your need, it'll completely solidify you into an Incel AND you'll impress the 99 names of the one and only god ER (peace be upon him)
  20. Cleftcel

    [Blackpill] Aspiring model loses looks from acid attack, tries to kill self Staceys can't handle not being gl, must be devastating to make that transition from Stacey to deformed
  21. VisVoi

    [Blackpill] Mouse Utopia Experiment

    Mice placed in perfect conditions where all of their needs are met. After an initial phase of prosperity, their society degenerates. All of the mice become more violent, however the female mice are especially violent towards the "excess males". Eventually mice appear that are obsessed with their...
  22. G

    [Blackpill] Black pill debunked

    These images here show a 1/10 ugly FAT manlet getting with an 8/10 stacy. This i feel debunks the black pill because if the black pill existed then this female would find him revolting. I don't understand you guys' deluded ways anymore gonna go out and find me a stacy with a virgin incel fetish...
  23. B

    [Serious] Blackpill is Wrong

    I am not BlackPilled because men and women bend to the chad of the group. People are evil, not just women. This idea, as well as BlackPill, in of itself is Sociopathic. From what I have seen being a "Sociopath" is not a bad thing because the only difference is that never learnt to sneaky. If you...
  24. S

    Anyone else not interested in participating in society?

    Idgaf about education (even though I’ve been to college for four years) or a job and I can’t stand being around normies. I have absolutely not an ounce of desire to be involved in society in whatever way. It’s not worth it as an incel.
  25. M

    [Experiment] Considering a new experiment

    Hey, I am a NEET with nothing better to do, so I have considered conducting a little experiment. In the form of a “vlog”, I will be filming myself doing all the typical cucktears/normie approaches and taking their advice. This includes things such as “being confident”, wearing designer clothes...
  26. Chris_Jones

    [Blackpill] Anyone here watch Nip/Tuck?

    Main characters are plastic surgeons. It is the only show I've seen that fully encompasses the blackpill. Every character is a hedonistic narcisssist. A must watch for incels. Dr. Christian troy is a PSL dark triad slayer -Square jaw, emerald green eyes, 6'2, wide frame, doesn't lift. -Seduces...
  27. Redpill Robert

    [Blackpill] You cannot simply "become" Chad

    It's funny when ugly dudes think they can simply "become Chad" by working out, looksmaxing, "working on their personalities" or whatever else. The simple reality is that Chads are born, not made. Chad is a combination of male model and/or pretty boy looks, male model physique, and high NT...
  28. VST

    Anyone else suddenly calm down when listening to blackpill rant vids?

    I'm talking about vids like eggmans legendary video () It's that you finally realise how over it really is so you stop worrying about everything in life, because let's be honest, securing a mate is the end goal in life for every male, and if you're unable to get that even if you try your best...