1. M

    [Venting] I want to quit my disability pension

    I’m M21, I’ve been on a disability (Autism) pension since I left school in 2014, I get $420 a fortnight for basically being disabled. I have to attend these pointless job clubs twice a week, I can’t stand it any longer and just want to rot at home in peace. The only reason I stay on the...
  2. VST

    [JFL] Female advice

    >We don't like nice guys >We like alpha males but to get a gf you need to: >Be nice >Be yourself, AKA do not try being alpha. Remind me again, why should we be listening to female advice?
  3. VST

    [Venting] Most "legit" normie advice has only temporary effects.

    Whenever you state that you're depressed the go to normie advice is: >Get a job >Start sleeping better >Start lifting And I have to give it to them, it does work, but as the title states the effects are temporary, after doing those I usually relapse back to being my depressed self after a month...