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    [Venting] Starting to believe I deserve this life

    All my life, even throughout my bullying and depression, I've never actually hated myself. Even though I knew it was over for me because of my face, I never really blamed myself for it. However, recently I'm starting to really hate myself. Last night, I wished cancer and disease upon myself, I...
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    [Venting] I'm not dead... Unfortunately... + advice for you guys

    Jesus, why did you do this? Please don't try this ever again. Even I have suicidal episodes like this, you just have to take your mind off of whatever's bothering you, I know it is extremely hard. For what it's worth, I care about you brother.
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    [RageFuel] Your worst bullying experience?

    I was bullied for having a big nose, they gave me a special nickname and called me it continuously for 7 years. Year after year it just got worse and worse, I told my parents and they just told me to ignore them. As it continued, my self esteem had died by the time I left high school. I was also...
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    Ratings Megathread

    Just lose weight. That is all you have to do. Your features are fine.
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    Did you ever stand up to your bullies? If you didn't do you regret it?

    There was this one guy who'd constantly put me down. I could easily beat him up badly if I tried. But I couldn't - the guy had 3 older brothers, all three had gone to jail before and wouldn't hesitate to kill me if I ever confronted my bully. So it just wasn't worth it, I had to take the abuse...
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    Another Day Of Doing God's Work

    Good stuff brother, you should attach a GoPro to your helmet and record what happens next time.
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    [NSFW] This is who Jack Peterson sold us out for!

    Lmao, I didn't even know he had his own wikipedia page. When I opened it I just burst out laughing.
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    [NSFW] Chadlite friend showed me my oneitis pussy

    Holy fucking shit, this is the worst suicidefuel I've seen so far. If I ever got shown nudes of my oneitis and known that she fucked my friend, it would totally crush me inside, swear on my mother's life I would kill myself. Fuck this Earth.
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    [Hypocrisy] [Confession] If I got a girlfriend...

    I've always dreamt of doing this. If she was able to have fun and fuck guys all her life, then why can't I fuck other women? If I ever get married, I will fuck escorts or hoes on the side. And I will make sure she signs a prenup. I will also hide my money from her in offshore accounts.
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    While this idiot is in his room making this crap video, Chad is out banging his oneitis.