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    [Blackpill] Blackpill 101: Nerds (incel-tier looks but high IQ) will NEVER be high status or respected

    @Creep Love your posts brother, you put a lot of effort and research into them and your own insights are excellent. Keep it up :blackpill:
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    Telling sluts chad is not in their league

    GOOD STUFF!!!!!!! I NEED MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Eugenics: Would you support aborting incel fetuses?

    I would support it 100%, I myself wish I had been aborted.
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    [TeeHee] Which type of guy can’t get a girlfriend?

    LOL this is so true, I swear, every time I go on that site I see 100's of answers from fucking curries. Some are blackpilled but most are bluepilled cucks.
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    [Serious] How do you guys continue on?

    I just hold on to a glimmer of hope I have of ascending after surgery. But for the time being, I'm in a state of low energy, brain fog, delayed reactions and low concentration levels. Life just passes me by and I find happiness in food and video games only.
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    [Experiment] My inceldom recruiting missionary work: Part 2

    LOL this is good stuff, poor currycel is so horny that he's prepared to fuck a whale. So sad. I would like to hope that he would come here and swallow the blackpill, but he seems low IQ as fuck.
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    This is why femoids act the way they do

    Approximately 0.
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    [Blackpill] Ugly males are expected to be worker bees and contribute everything to society without any of the benefits.

    It is literally impossible to be a productive member of society without sex or affection from a female at some point in your life.
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    [LifeFuel] I have a fantastic business idea

    No cuckery here, buddy.
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    [Experiment] How does it feel to be all alone?

    This is exactly how I feel, 100% accurate.